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A LITTLE ABOUT THE PIGMENTS IMPORTANT POST ABOUT PIGMENT!Today I want to talk about pigments and their role in permanent make up.There are tons of information about it but among it not that many useful or truthful data. Let’s take a look at this. I am not saying that I know everything about it (…

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SO HOW TO FIND MODELS FOR YOU PHOTO SHOOTS? 👇👇👇 As I promised,  I continue to share my experience since I know it’s a hot topic for many of you❤️ So, how to arrange photo shoot if you are on a budget👛 Find a model!Here are a few secrets: You can always contact local model…

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Why You Should Do a Lip Tattoo

Lip tattoos are slowly becoming popular, but they’re not just useful for saving time in your makeup routine. When used skillfully, a lip tattoo is a form of semi-permanent makeup which can be used to correct flaws and improve the aesthetics of your lips. It’s the perfect option for several lip blemishes and imperfections which…

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Why You Should Get Semi-Permanent Makeup from a Qualified Professional

Semi-permanent makeup is a hot beauty trend right now. Since its semi-permanent makeup, you know that the results and the mistakes are going to last for a long time. This is why you must do some research and go to a qualified professional! The Skill Level Matters Not all semi-permanent makeup artists are created equal.…

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Why Lash Cleaning Is Important for Your Lash Extensions

Let’s talk about lash cleansing and why it is important for anyone getting lash extensions. Previously, there was a myth that after getting lash extensions, you need to avoid cleaning your lashes for least 24 hours for the glue to stick. Some people avoid washing their lashes not only for 24 hours but also in…

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Getting Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Are you thinking of getting semi-permanent eyeliner but aren’t sure whether it’s the right thing for you? Don’t be scared. This is one of the oldest and safest procedures you can get in semi-permanent makeup. In fact, people have been getting this for decades. So, if you really want to get it but you’re feeling…

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What Is The Most Popular Trend in the Lash Industry?

Today, I am going to be talking about fashion trends. More specifically, trends in the lash industry. One thing that I have noticed is that currently, everybody is going big and bold. It’s all about that mega volume which still looks natural and beautiful. Celebs like Beyonce have truly mastered wearing lash extensions. Queen Bey…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Semi-Permanent Makeup for Lips

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Semi-Permanent Makeup for Lips Semi-permanent makeup is available for the eyes, lips and even eyebrows. It’s not a new procedure and has been around for centuries. Luckily, improvements in technology mean that you get better results today. While most people tend to focus on getting semi-permanent eyeliner, semi-permanent lip…

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How to Pick the Right Instructor to Become a Lash Artist

What’s the correct way to go about becoming a lash artist? You need to have proper certifications. Most people usually have two major routes to pick from. They can either go to aesthetic schools, institutes, or universities, or they can work with certified lash artists who are recognized by these institutes. When picking between the…

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