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I absolutely love Deseyener’s products! First I ordered 24K golden Volume tweezers in black and then in white because it’s just impressive how they can pick up the thinnest diameters without any problems every single time. Then I was tempted to try their lashes, and I must say I loved how natural and soft they look on clients’ eyes. It’s an embodiment of mink lashes. This is a truly luxury line with high quality beautiful products. ❤️❤️❤️
Sasha Bushtruk IG @eyeandbrowfactory

Deseyener 24K gold tweezer is my go-to for my student kits!✨They loooove her tweezer just as much as I do! ❤️Light tension and the perfect weight. Perfect pickup every time!🔥

Deseyener .07 lashes are so soft and easy to fan. I love how hers are a little finer so I can put more in the fan to get that dense, full look!❤️❤️❤️

Deseyener secret tweezer is hands down my all time favorite tweezer. For .07 or .03 it can do it all! Don’t hesitate, you need it!👍

MacKenzie @macklashco

I switch to Deseyener CHIC glue and it is my 5th month of using it. ❤️❤️Glue is 1-2 second dry time! I am in NEW YORK and it works perfectly all the time! Retention about 4 weeks for my clients who is usually need lashes in 3 weeks so I am super happy with this product.

Olya Murashka

I started using these lashes and absolutely will not switch to any other products they so soft and black 💣💣💣Clients love the lashes! They black! And D curl super curly. I have few clients who notice the difference right away when I switch to DESEYENER lashes and now these clients are obsessed! So it is not only the quality of the product but also the quality of the curls.

Natalie Porter

I've been using Deseyener products for a year now and quality it is always perfect. This Brand and Anna truly stand for standards in lash industry and this is why I am so in love with everything she does!

Miriam K


I bought the Secret tweezers and it is everything that I can ever dream about! It picks up lashes all the time and package is just a dream. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product and will continue to support this Brand!
Veronika Vidal

My favorite tweezers shape is L-shape. I like the sharper edge and pointed tip.

I love your tweezers! Lashing feels so effortless with them! Such precision and made with good quality! ❤

Cathy @ailashco

Your tweezers are the best! 😍

Tatyana @tati_lashesmia

I love the tweezers! They are the BOMB! 💖 

Kelli Butera @imlashinout

I'll be honest i used to be soooo opposed to boot, and yours was the first boot I ever fell in love with. And I haven't looked back.


I love your tweezers! They definitely work for me! 💖

Ylan Nguyen @y.n.esthetics

My favorite for years has been a curved tweezer but ever since I got yours I've been LOVING L-shape. The degree is 👌. So perfect❤❤❤precision pick up every time.


Deseyener combines a luxurious editorial feel with high-quality products which really elevate the lash industry. The lashes are consistent and dark- and the brown lashes are my favorite! The adhesives work very well with volume fans by creating a quick-setting, strong bond. The tweezers are low tension and yet maintain a wide, firm touchpoint. And of course, there's the jewelry! The jewelry pieces are even prettier in person and a must-have for any lash artist. Aside from the quality products, I really love the aesthetic of Deseyener. Anna is always pushing the limits of creativity and sharing her artistic photos. The luxurious feel, along with the artistic vision will always set Deseyener apart! A must-try brand- you'll fall in love!❤

AnneMarie Lorenzini
Lash Artist & International Educator



Clean Lashes Are Healthy Lashes

If you love your lashes then you probably know just how important it is for you to keep your lashes clean! Having a great aftercare routine will prolong the life of your lashes and ensure that they’re free from the grime that we come into contact with on a daily basis, so lashes will shine as they did on day one!

It is very important for Master to clean lashes before applying new or touch up lashes. This will ensure excellent bonding and prolong lashes retention.


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