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Exclusive Volume Tweezers (black)


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Your favorite tweezers with new look. Nonmagmatic material with Japanese steel will feels light in your hand and give you the ability to work all day without feeling tired. Its organometrically correct handle and 30 degree angle was created to release tension from your wrist. Its superfine tip allows you to work ease and create any volume fans from 2D to 10D. Every single tweezers been HAND TESTED by me! Quality and comfort what can be better?

The new aqua black plasma color gives a unique and chic look to tweezers, and we promise the joy you will experience by working with our product is Lashgasmic!
Each tweezer at DESEYENER® is hand-tested with 0.07 and 0.03 to make sure it works perfect with each diameter, as well as with fans from 5D to Mega Volume.
Our secret ritual that keeps our quality high is love and care that we put in our product and in each and every single package that we send out
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