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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Semi-Permanent Makeup for Lips


Semi-permanent makeup is available for the eyes, lips and even eyebrows. It’s not a new procedure and has been around for centuries. Luckily, improvements in technology mean that you get better results today.

While most people tend to focus on getting semi-permanent eyeliner, semi-permanent lip makeup is also growing. The good news is that this isn’t just a trend. There are tangible reasons behind why you should get semi-permanent makeup for your lips, such as the ones mentioned below:

1.     Get Fuller Lips

Who says you can only get fuller lips through Botox or lip augmentation procedures? Semi-permanent makeup is a great quick fix to add some much-needed fullness. If done properly, you can not only get fuller lips but also re-shape them as you like.

Just remember that semi-permanent lip makeup doesn’t promise to give you the same results as Botox or lip augmentations. It’s great for adding a certain volume and definition which is subtle and natural.

2.     No Need for Touch-ups Throughout the Day

Lipsticks and even lip stains don’t last throughout the day and don’t offer coverage after you have eaten a meal. Even the best matte lipstick will need a touch-up, which can be annoying. You then have to apply a base, lip liner, and color to get perfect lips again.

A quick solution is to get semi-permanent makeup for your lips. The results are like a natural stain which does not need any touch ups on a daily basis. In fact, semi-permanent lip makeup only needs a touch up after at least a year or two!

3.     Get Rid of Pigmentation Issues

The lips are the most sensitive area on the face, and they can discolor very easily. Pigmentation problems can arise due to different reasons such as scarring or burns. Even illnesses like oral or skin cancer can cause discoloration.

So, if you are looking to deal with such pigmentation, getting semi-permanent makeup is a good idea. The results are plump and pink lips, which are healthy and natural looking.

If you are thinking of getting semi-permanent lip makeup, get in touch with us. DESEYENER® Studio specializes in semi-permanent makeup for the eyes, brows, and lips. Call us today to get a consultation session with us!

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