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Semi-Permanent Makeup for Lash Line

Another way to roll out of bed looking your best, effortlessly!

Thick and dark eyelashes and almond-shaped eyes always was the dream for many women. This beauty is only given to some by nature, and most others only dreams about having them. It’s time to turn dreams into reality — the permanent makeup will literally open your eyes! You might have a very natural question: «How can a tattoo of the lash-line make the eyelashes dense?» Most of people have lashes that grow far apart and you can see the skin between them, but it is quite possible to create the illusion of fluffy eyelashes by adding a black pigment between the lashes and the lash line. This technique will create a visible density effect.

Time : from 1.5-2 hours

You may be asking, “What exactly is semi-permanent makeup for the lash line?” This non invasive procedure fills in the gaps that your natural eyelashes leave, which allows your eyeline to appear fuller. Semi-permanent makeup for the lash line, in essence, replaces eyeliner. DESEYENER® Studio in Scottsdale AZ offers semi-permanent makeup for the lash line, as well as eyelash extensions, semi-permanent makeup for the lips, and microblading or semi-permanent makeup of the brows. Below, we’ll review the benefits of semi-permanent makeup for the lash line. Contact us today!


  • Fuller lashes. Semi-permanent makeup for the lash line creates an illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup. Fuller lashes draw attention to the beauty of your eyes.
  • Throw away your eyeliner. Semi-permanent eyeliner lasts for between three and five years, allowing you to throw away your eyeliner and never have to worry about smudging again.
  • Saves time. Semi-permanent eyeliner will save you time in applying makeup — time you could use either sleeping in or getting your kids ready for school. Time is your most precious commodity, so it’s best to maximize it in the little things, so you can better spend it on the big things (like your upcoming vacation to Mexico).
  • Helps slow the signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are caused in part by you pulling and tugging around your eyes, or even rubbing them. When you invest in semi-permanent makeup for the lash line, you eliminate that completely, which over time, will help to slow the signs of aging.

Lash enhancement, invisible eyeliner, or semi-permanent makeup for the lash line are all the same name for the same amazing beauty treatment. DESEYENER® believes in the power of semi-permanent makeup to enhance your natural beauty and make it timeless every day. You’ll wake up in a better mood and more rested. You’ll be able to go to your early morning gym class and look stunning, even with frazzled hair. And you’ll feel better about your appearance, which results in better health overall. You’ll be less stressed, less worried about your looks, and more confident to take on the world and its messes.

Semi-permanent eyeliner places pigment between each lash, giving you a natural, luscious look that is hard to achieve otherwise. People notice your eyes and with semi-permanent eyeliner, your eyes will shine. The color can be customized to what you desire and blend naturally with your natural eyelash color. DESEYENER® Studio offers the best semi-permanent makeup solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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