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Semi-Permanent Makeup of the Lips

Wake up looking beautiful with a look that will last all day, and no need to worry about a thing! You’ll already know you look fabulous, no matter what. It’s every woman’s dream! This dream can become a reality with semi-permanent makeup and lashes extensions.

This treatment will not only give your lips volume, but also emphasize the natural shape of your lips (change or correct it). Who said that you can only give lips volume with silicone? There is a much more natural way to visually increase the shape of the lips: semi-permanent makeup. Before and after photos are posted on our website to show you all the possibilities of this unique procedure. The technique of lip semi-permanent makeup consists of drawing a thin line of the lip contour and smooth shading of the color over the entire lip shape. If you desire, you can achieve a lipstick effect of any color to always look like you’re wearing makeup! Or you can choose to look very natural by choosing a color that is ideally suited to your natural lip shade. Whatever goal you have when doing a lip semi-permanent makeup, the result will always be stunning!

Time: from 2.5-3 hours

Many women and men want full lips, especially if they naturally have thin lips. Injections are one way to enhance the plumpness of your lips. However, semi-permanent makeup of the lips can give the impression of fuller lips as well. DESEYENER® offers semi-permanent lip liner treatment that will give you fuller lips without injections. We outline your lips and also shade your lips to smooth out the appearance and give your lips color. Lip color can be either natural or made to look more like makeup. The options are truly limitless with this permanent lipstick option. Below, we’ll expound the benefits of semi-permanent lip color. Contact us today!


  • Color pigments are used. Semi-permanent makeup is just that: semi-permanent. For semi-permanent lip color, pigments are used, not ink that is used in tattoo parlors, which exfoliates out of your skin with time. In the case of semi-permanent lipstick, the time is shortened (usually lasting between 12 and 18 months) because you use your lips all the time between eating, drinking, talking, and facial expressions, such as smiling.
  • Can achieve symmetrical lips. Lips can naturally be asymmetrical, which does bother some people, even to the point they are self-conscious about it. With semi-permanent lip liner by DESEYENER®, you can even out your lips and give you an overall more youthful and vibrant appearance.
  • Perfect for use by everyone. Semi-permanent makeup of the lips is perfect for everyone with a busy lifestyle. With so many of us going in a million directions at one time, saving time is golden. With semi-permanent makeup you’ll save hours and days over the course of a year or so that your semi-permanent lip color will last since you won’t have to apply makeup. You can sleep in and be more relaxed for your day.
  • Perfect for those with disabilities and hair loss. Neurological weaknesses or tremors can make it extremely difficult to apply lipstick or lip gloss. With semi-permanent lipstick by DESEYENER®, that problem is eliminated. Similarly, for those suffering from hair loss such as alopecia or those with scarring that prevents hair growth, semi-permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup of the lips can help.
  • Perfect for those who are self-conscious about their looks, in particular their lips. Many of us have parts of our body we don’t like. For some, it’s their lips. If you want a fuller, more natural look to your lips to feel better about yourself, then semi-permanent makeup of the lips is for you. Life is too short to dislike something about yourself when there are remedies to fix it.


  • The more natural the color, the more regularly you’re touch-ups will have to be. Otherwise, it’s just not bright enough usually to give you the look you desire.
  • Semi-permanent lipstick can be painful due to the sensitive nature of the skin around your lips. However, you can choose to have a local anesthetic applied, which some beauty salons charge more for. However, usually the semi-permanent makeup process can be applied much faster with anesthetic, which is something to consider if you’re under a time crunch.
  • The healing process takes about 10 days. Immediately afterwards, the color will appear dull, and your lips will be very dry and chapped. DESEYENER® recommends having your semi-permanent lip color applied on a Thursday, so when you return to work on Monday the worst will be over.

DESEYENER® Studio wants you to look your best and feel your best. We offer semi-permanent makeup of the lips, as well as eyelash extensions and microblading. We believe small, subtle changes can make a big difference in your life, such as boosting your self-confidence and your self-esteem and allowing you to live life to the fullest. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!

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