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Why You Should Get Semi-Permanent Makeup from a Qualified Professional


Semi-permanent makeup is a hot beauty trend right now. Since its semi-permanent makeup, you know that the results and the mistakes are going to last for a long time. This is why you must do some research and go to a qualified professional!

The Skill Level Matters

Not all semi-permanent makeup artists are created equal. This means that their skill levels as well as their qualifications will be different. Did you know that having an esthetician’s license is not a requirement to be a semi-permanent makeup artist?

The only thing required in some states is a tattoo license, which is a 3-hour exam focused on disinfection. If that’s not bad enough, some states don’t even require this! When you look at semi-permanent makeup, you’ll see that this is a complex service.

You need to know about the different layers of the skin and the depth at which you should work.  It took me a year to understand this!

You Get What You Pay For

A skilled technician will usually be expensive but that’s because they are charging for the quality of their work. You’re paying not just for good results but also for their precision and technique.

An experienced semi-permanent makeup artist will cost more because they have more experience and have more training. Dedicated technicians, like me, enroll in esteemed foreign institutes and take classes which could easily cost $35,000 or more.

There’s also the fact that we not only buy our own machines but if we don’t get the right tools, we have to buy more. Then we mix and match pigments until we figure out the right formula for our clients!

So in total, a skilled technician is someone who has invested more than $40,000 on just learning and mastering their technique. Their work is definitely reflected in the price tag!

Take a Look at Their Portfolio

If you see an artist offering semi-permanent makeup at $300, just ask to see a healed picture of the client. As a rule, all semi-permanent makeup looks good when it’s fresh. It takes nearly 3 weeks for the area to heal and for the actual results to show.

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