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Why You Should Do a Lip Tattoo


Lip tattoos are slowly becoming popular, but they’re not just useful for saving time in your makeup routine. When used skillfully, a lip tattoo is a form of semi-permanent makeup which can be used to correct flaws and improve the aesthetics of your lips.

It’s the perfect option for several lip blemishes and imperfections which you can correct with a lip tattoo. The following are a few more reasons why you should get a lip tattoo:

Fix Scars or Noticeable Blemishes

If you have any natural scarring or blemishes on or near your lips, you can fix it with the help of semi-permanent makeup. Lip tattoos are extremely flexible and give the most natural results to combat blemishes.

Fuller Lips with Ease

Have you always wanted fuller lips but aren’t ready to commit to Botox? Then get a lip tattoo to emphasize your lip line. When done properly, your lip tattoo can make your lips fuller in appearance and giving you the pout you’ve always dreamed of!

Correct Pigmentation Issues

Pigmentation on lips can occur due to different reasons. The skin on your lips is the most sensitive and can easily discolor. By using semi-permanent makeup, you can cover the pigmentation and make them more even in tone.

It’s Not Old School Now

Most people tend to think of lip tattoos as old school or rather unnecessary. You must know at least one person who had a lip tattoo where the outline was not even on the lip line but outside of lips. There are too many botched cases of lip tattoos that make people wary of getting a lip tattoo done.

Today, technology has changed, and lip tattoos are more natural-looking. These tattoos can also be done in any color you like. One of the top trends of 2018 is getting them in nude or natural shades. Additionally, lip tattoos are the most popular treatments in Russia and Europe.

Personally, I prefer having my semi-permanent makeup with a little bit of color, but what do you think? Would you ever consider getting this treatment?

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