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Should the eyelash application cause any discomfort?


It is 2 opposite opinions about it: some lash artists will say «yes, of course every 2 months» or your lashes will get weak. Some lash artists will say you can go with lash extensions for the rest of your life and never take them off ! So who is right and who is wrong ?

In my personal opinion, it is a little be more complicated. Our lashes grow in the cycle and If you follow the rule and safety application ( no sticky lashes , right weight ) clients’ lashes will be always happy and healthy?only few exceptions:
?when client has very weak eyelashes and the bulbs set too close to the skin , in this case you can not overload these lashes ! So they need to have a break every 2 months.
?when client has a condition such as Demodicosis, in this case, client needs to clean lashes very well and get the doctor’s professional advice. So your clients will take a break and as soon as they fix this condition, they can have lashes again. It is a very rare case; it is only 1% of people have it.
?some clients pull their own lashes when they have stress. So these clients need to take a break to grow new strong lashes.

Most lash artists will suggest that a client take a break because a poor application which will cause an interruption of a natural cycle of the lash, and it will take at least a month to regrow all your natural lashes. When the application is done correctly, And you don’t have those conditions as I have mentioned above? you can totally enjoy lash extensions and have you natural lashes in good shape all year around ?

Have a smart application.
Happy lashing.

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